Saturday, August 25, 2012

Props Post

OK! Part of why it's taken me so long to get things caught up is that I've needed the time to get some of the props done.  Sorry it took so long, but I think these will help folks to get a better mental picture of the scenes in this story.  I sometimes forget that we have readers who can't see all of the props and maps that reach the table...  To that end here are some maps and pics to help understand some of the nuances of this story.

Map of the Scourge Lands 3198:

The main reason that the orcs are able to hold so much territory is that they take advantage of the fact that the dead don't stay that way.  They corral and direct the hordes of undead that the fighting creates back at their enemies.  A coalition of elves and the Barony of Koranth hold the eastern front, and the daenkelder (dwarves) hold the western front.  Thire and the Theocracy of the Lance are loosely cooperating, but there is still very little Imperial involvement beyond advisers and a few specialist troops.  The Cinai haven't been heard from in some time and are presumed lost or besieged.  The Free Cities of Amthor, Cyros, and Ilnoth still stand.

Scourge Lands 3199:

The blue arrows are the spring and summer campaigns of orcs sailing down Far Trader and Corsan  rivers as well as sending an armada across the High Sea.  Thire's forces are drawn away from Longdale to repel the orc landing force.  The forces of the Theocracy of the Lance are split between defending the shores of White Tip lake and Blueblade lake (just off the southern edge of the map) as well as the banks of the Far Trader river.  In the 'civilized' lands battles are fought in the spring and summer; leaving time to prepare for winter, and next season's campaigns.  The red arrows are the winter campaign... because the orc's don't play by 'civilized' rules of warfare.  

Scourge Lands 3200
(When the players hear about all of this.)

The Scourge have nearly enveloped Blueblade lake, have subdued large parts of the Free Holds and are pushing south for the Lirean Sea.  If they succeed then they will have completely severed contact between the western and eastern provinces.  Since this is something that the newly formed Imperial Government of Crieste cannot afford to let this happen they have formally declared war and are now putting their entire might into dealing with the Scourge.

The Train...  
It's amazing what can be done with some old cracker boxes and some paint... the last two aren't done yet, but eventually I'll make the time.

From left to right ->  (Game Scale 1inch = 5ft)
the engine (75ft long x 20ft wide x 25ft high)
the coal car (42ft long x 20ft wide x 15ft high)
the passenger car (42ft long x 20ft wide x 20ft high)

Top view:

Here's a shot of the engine by itself:
I have the interiors drawn out as well, but I'll save those for another post.

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