Saturday, October 19, 2013

Runes for the DCCRPG Core Rules

Now that I'm into the illustrating phase for Liber Acanum and one of the spells in its pages is an "elder" version of the Runic Alphabet (Mortal) spell with casting checks all the way out to 36 and an additional 15 runes for players to discover... as well as some other surprises.  In which is contained many things that have long been forgotten.  These are the standard runic symbols that I'll be using for my games from here on, so I thought I should post them for players. 

However, in the fine and long standing tradition of other DCC and Goodman Games products, I figured that this spell is an excellent candidate for a handout.

AND... with the permission of Goodman Games and Cognition Pressworks, a printable PDF of the runes above as well as a set of blank tiles are available at the following link:

Check back later for the standard set of Faerie Runes...  ;)

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