Sunday, September 11, 2011

About the Grand Map of Áereth

this version of the map was cobbled together from the files available at Goodman Games

I then removed all the adventure module references as well as cities other than those of Central Crieste.  I add those in as folks start to explore the map with their characters.  I added about 3 inches to either side of the map making it about 42" x 72" if it were printed as one piece.  I added the latitude lines, warm & cold ocean currents; the Isle of Lirea; a few lakes & rivers; as well as a complete system of Old Imperial roads.

This map shows everything at "high-water." {a.k.a. the Winter Solstice} by rights the Isle of Lirea shouldn't be on the players map unless they are starting the game prior to the War of Divine Right.  But I pasted it on for show.  I actually have planned a whole series of maps based off this one... but have not had the time to finish those up yet... maybe someday.

{edit: the immediate fallout from the application of all this is that I had to re-write most of the Gazetteer entries based on climate...  It's kinda fun actually}

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