Monday, September 12, 2011

Steps 2 - 4:

As you can see from previous posts; with the availability of such awesome maps, most of the work I needed to do for these steps was to work backwards to place the ocean currents, tectonic rifts (not shown on the map) and volcanic regions.  I know where they are and which direction they are moving, but I figured the odds of major events like Áerethquake or eruption are so slim that it wasn't worth drawing out.

The short version is that there is the Mid-Empyrean Oceanic trench that is pushing the two continents away from each other and slowly causing the islands on the opposite side of the planet from the rift to rise up into what will eventually be a continent... in a few million years.  Most of the rest of the info in these sections was excellent, but mostly review for me, as I grew up on public-access TV.  Though I highly recommend the "Plant Earth" documentary series for any DM wishing to enhance the feel of their game world.

I should call attention to the part of section 4 that calls out the workings of magic.  As I stated before, Áereth has a dangerously high magic field; but it flows through an ever shifting Ley line system that oscillates at 10ft per year can be broken down into 5 basic types: magic rich line ending in magic rich terminus; magic rich line ending in 1 of 5 elemental portals; magic rich line ending in null terminus; null line ending in null terminus; null line ending in a portal to the Fae Kingdom (elemental life/ element of wood in the 5 element systems).  The Ecology & Culture Guide has one of the better representations of this mechanic, I didn't have to tweek it that much, but I'll need to turn my notes into a graphic so the explanations won't confuse anyone.

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