Sunday, September 11, 2011

How it all began...

OK, so I here there is this new-fangled invention called a B L O G; and this seemed like the best environment to document the growing volume of files on my version of Áereth.  I’m hoping that this blog will be much more in the future, but for now it will simply be a record of all that has come to pass.  This way I’ll be able to post the detailed history files {eventually}; the class & spell builds; the maps; and the pics of the mini’s that will be used during my game(s).  Assuming I can figure out how this contraption works…  

It all started a few years back when I bought DCC #35… (  ) 

I then took the Home-brewed D&D game world that I’ve been running for the last 25 years (at that time)… and merged the two.  The Box set (and web site) had many of the components that I’d needed to fill in the gaps in my own Game World and readily convertible map files.  To which I added all of my favorite aspects from other worlds; Spelljamming, celestial effects on magical ability (Dragonlance), most of the races from Forgotten Realms & others… like Tortogs (Dragonmech).  Many folk have accused me of swiping a lot of stuff from the Eberron setting… and they’d be wrong.  I was using Magic Train sets, Flying Ships, and the whole “magic as technology” theme for years prior to Eberron’s release; mostly as a nod to the Tinker-Gnome Concept in Dragonlance, but in my worlds they aren’t goofy and unreliable.  Besides, I’ve always been keen on the whole “Steam-punk” theme.

After that I pulled out my copy of “A Magical Society: Ecology & Culture” by the folks at Expeditious Retreat Press. (  Or, as I like to call it… “Practical Planetology for DM’s.”  I’m not affiliated with these folks, just recognizing an awesome product.

I then  modified the maps extensively based on the particulars of my old game world, and in accordance with the generated data from the application of the ER Press materials.

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