Monday, September 12, 2011

Rain, Wind, Sleet & Snow...

The Seasons:

Áereth’s orbit, along with all other celestial bodies in Wild-Space have perfect, regular orbits that are devoid of processional wobbles, etc.  Áereth’s northern hemisphere is 3% closer [by measurement of Winter and Summer radial distance] to the sun in winter and as such experiences mild winters compared to the southern hemisphere. 

Spring- starts with the celebration of Kindle Hope on February 15th and goes to the 21st of May.
The Rebirth of the Phoenix Lord- Starts on the 4th of April when faint dark shadows and flashes of light and rainbows can be seen flying from horizon into the heavens at sunrise, by the 3rd day the phenomena can be seen all day long.   
-On the Spring Equinox [7th of April] the display reaches its peak and virtually no shadows remain to occlude the sun and its dazzling display of the “Angels of Light” defeating the "Shadow Demons".  The displays fade over the next few days and are last seen at sunrise on the 10th of April.  Some times there is a Lunar eclipse in May & a Solar Eclipse at the end of May. They are on a complicated cycle, but there is never a month in which both happen. 
Summer- starts with the celebration of Beltane on May 22nd and
                goes to the 28th of August.
The celebration of Summerfest on the 7th of July starts the first of 7 days of feasting and games to honor the Sun God Ormazd.  The festivities culminate on the Summer Solstice (14th of July) with rituals and sacrifices to him at noon.  Some times there is a Lunar eclipse in June.  There is always solar eclipse in summer; sometimes at the end of May or the end of June. They are on a complicated cycle, but there is never a month in which both happen. 
Fall- starts with the celebration of Harvest Bless on September 1st 
        and goes to the 7th of December.
The Death of the Phoenix Lord- on the 15th of October the first faint flecks of shadow can be seen on the sun at sun rise and sun set, by the 18th the dark shadows are prominent enough all day long so that noontime light levels are 80% of normal.  By the Autumnal Equinox on the 21st of October, noontime light levels are only 50% of normal and the “Shadow Demons” are seen to be descending from the void to overwhelm the Phoenix Lord.  The phenomenon begins to fade daily until the 27th of October.  By this time, even though the Shadow Demons are gone, the days are starting to get noticeably shorter and cooler.
Winter- starts with the celebration of Death Pass on December 8th 
         and goes to the 14th of February
There is a lunar and solar eclipse every winter; sometimes in December, and sometimes in Winterheart.  They are on a complicated cycle, but there is never a month in which both happen.  Every other year there is a full Solar Eclipse on 28 Winterheart, which coincides with the Soltice. 

Additionally, the axial tilt of 27.5 degrees means that this version of Áereth has a huge Tropical band; combined with the Water Cycle this makes for very intense storms in the spring and autumn months.  In the last vestiges of the Empire of Crieste, the end of February and the end of March is known as the monsoon season, especially in the north and west portions where the Fang mountains redirect the water laden winds carried aloft by the hot winds from the central savanna.

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